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The company you’re dealing with has signed on to the Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct.
That means you will receive the following – and more:

  • Assurance that the company has gone through a rigorous process to become an Approved Solar Retailer
  • A standard minimum warranty period of five years on your whole system
  • Detailed information on the process between system installation and network connection
  • Peace of mind that the company will adhere to all existing legislation and regulations, and that its sales representatives will act ethically and not engage in any dishonest or misleading tactics
  • Many other quality and performance guarantees

In-house Team Guarantee

SolarVista offers commercial solar installation in Melbourne. All solar systems purchased through SolarVista are installed by our in-house professionals. Sub-contracting jobs is a huge liability in the solar industry that SolarVista just won’t risk.

Before choosing your commercial solar provider, ask who will be installing your solar system.

Why SolarVista?

Premium Products

We stock high end inverters, Tier 1 solar panels, top quality racking equipment, performance tested materials, as well as a wide selection of monitoring devices and solutions. Contact us today to find out more.

Electrical Services

We can provide all kinds of additional electrical services from Power Points and lighting, to CCTV.


10 year inverter warranty
25 year panel warranty
5 year workmanship warranty


For peace of mind, we are fully qualified and insured electricians, and Clean Energy Council accredited installers for both solar and battery storage.


Solarvista has partnered with the words leading inverter manufacturer to ensure customer satisfaction and expertise.

We achieve this by providing onsite internal repairs and/or a quick turn around on replacements parts.

Performance Estimate and Guarantee

It is important to conduct a performance estimate of a solar system to compare to your electricity bill. Based on a few key factors such as energy consumption and daily solar generation, this enables us to calculate a financially rewarding system.

With the future of batteries at our door steps, every solar system estimated will be sized accordingly and ready for the addition of battery storage.

We also provide a performance guarantee by monitoring all of our solar systems in house. If there is a fault in your solar system, we will be notified at the same time you do, if not earlier. This is for peace of mind that your solar system will be efficiently operating all year round.

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24 Hour Sevice

24/7 Service

Located in the heart of Melbourne, come visit us at any time to discuss your clean energy needs.