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As an expert industrial solar installer, SolarVista has over a decade experience delivering complex solar installations designed to meet the energy demands of large factories, ranging up hundreds of kilowatts.

Industrial Solar Panels on Oil Refinery in West Melbourne

Power Up Your Business with Industrial Solar in Melbourne

SolarVista isn’t just lighting up homes, we’re powering Melbourne’s industrial sector! As a leading provider of industrial solar solutions, we design and install customised systems specifically for factories, warehouses, and large facilities. Our team of Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installers boasts a proven track record of optimising energy use and minimising costs for businesses across Melbourne. We’re committed to delivering innovative industrial solar projects that maximise both savings and sustainability for our valued commercial clients.

Investing in an industrial solar system for your Melbourne facility isn’t just about generating clean energy, it’s a strategic business decision. While the upfront investment may be a consideration, the long-term cost savings and environmental benefits make industrial solar a wise choice for forward-thinking businesses. Our CEC-accredited installers have a proven track record of delivering high-quality, efficient industrial solar solutions, including the installation of 100kW at a Melbourne Oil Refinery, 500kW for Ferguson Plarre, and 200kW at a Melbourne peanut factory.

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Excellent work by the team at Solar Vista Installing a commercial system in our building Job went smoothly any the outcome is fantastic. If you want a superior job, Anthony is the man, from initial consultation to the installation is 5 star service all the way.

– Patrick Lulo

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Why industrial solar?

Industrial solar installation empowers you to save money, reduce environmental impact, and achieve greater energy independence.

Harness the power of the sun

Slash your electricity bills

Reduced carbon footprint

Invest in a sustainable future

Own your energy future

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Why choose SolarVista?

As a CEC-accredited installer and retailer boasting over 12+ years of solar wisdom and expertise, SolarVista has been leaving its mark on Melbourne roofs since 2016.

When you choose SolarVista, you’re not just getting a solar system – you’re getting peace of mind knowing that our in-house professionals will handle every aspect of the installation process with precision and care.

Industrial Solar Installation Process

Experience seamless industrial solar panel installation in Melbourne. From initial assessment to expert installation and ongoing support, we handle everything under one roof.

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Site Assessment

We conduct a thorough assessment of your property to determine the best location for solar panel placement.

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Preparation & Planning

We meticulously plan the installation process, including equipment procurement, scheduling, and safety.

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Professional Installation

Our experienced in-house technicians professionally install your solar panel system – we don’t subcontract.

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Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support to ensure optimal performance and efficiency of your solar panel system.

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Industrial Solar Projects

At SolarVista, we have a strong history of helping big businesses, so you can rely on us for your industrial solar installation project in Melbourne. Our team offers a wide range of top-notch solar solutions designed carefully to fit your energy requirements.

500kW solar in keilor park for ferguson plarre installed by SolarVista

500kW Solar in Keilor Park – Ferguson Plarre

Commercial | Industrial
Industrial Solar Panels on Oil Refinery in West Melbourne

100kW Solar for Industrial Oil Refinery

200kW solar panels installed on factory roof in Melbourne by SolarVista

200kW Peanut Factory

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470kw solar in clayton for CSIRO research facility installed by SolarVista

470kW Solar in Clayton – CSIRO

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FAQs about Industrial Solar Panel Installation

In Melbourne, solar panels can typically be expected to last between 25 to 30 years. However, several factors can influence their lifespan:

  • Panel quality: Higher-quality panels, often made with monocrystalline or multi-crystalline silicon, tend to last longer than those made with lower-quality materials.
  • Sunlight exposure: Panels that receive more direct sunlight exposure may experience slightly faster degradation compared to those in shaded areas.
  • Proper installation and maintenance: Following recommended installation practices and performing regular cleaning can help extend the lifespan of your panels.

It’s important to note that even after 25-30 years, your panels will likely still generate electricity, but their efficiency might gradually decline. Most manufacturers offer warranties covering power output for a specific period, usually around 25 years. This means the panels are guaranteed to produce at least a certain percentage (usually around 80%) of their original output during the warranty period.

Different mounting options exist for various roof types and angles. Consult SolarVista on 1300 LUV SUN (1300 588 786) for a feasibility assessment.

Grid Integration and Energy Storage:

  • The intermittent nature of solar power generation can strain the electrical grid, as solar energy production peaks during the day and may not align with peak demand periods.
  • Storing excess solar energy generated during peak sunlight hours for use during non-sunlight hours remains a technological and financial challenge.

Site Evaluation and Preparation:

  • The success of an industrial solar power plant installation is largely dependent on the site evaluation and preparation procedures, including factors like available land, shading, and insolation2.
  • Utility-scale solar plants require large areas of land, which can be a challenge in urban centers where space is limited.

Maintenance and Monitoring:

  • Maintaining optimal performance of industrial solar power plants is critical, as dust, debris, and weather conditions can degrade the efficiency of solar panels over time.
  • Implementing advanced monitoring systems to detect and rectify system malfunctions or inefficiencies can be complex and costly.

Environmental and Sustainability Concerns:

  • The installation and operation of industrial solar power plants can have environmental impacts, such as land use changes, habitat disruption, and the lifecycle environmental footprint of manufacturing, transporting, and disposing of solar system components.

Landlord-Tenant Alignment:

  • In commercial and industrial settings with landlord-tenant relationships, aligning the incentives and interests of both parties can be a challenge when implementing solar power.

The typical energy demands of industrial solar installations in Melbourne can vary depending on the size and nature of the industrial facility. Industrial solar systems are designed to cover a significant amount of space and generate a large amount of electricity to meet the energy needs of factories, manufacturing plants, and other industrial operations.

Invest in a sustainable future for your business. Contact SolarVista today for a free consultation and quote on industrial solar solutions in Melbourne!

As a leading industrial solar installer in Melbourne, we’re passionate about helping Melbourne’s businesses thrive while protecting our environment. Here’s how industrial solar solutions make a significant difference:

  • Cleaner Air: Solar energy reduces emissions of harmful pollutants like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and particulate matter, leading to cleaner air for everyone.

  • Combating Climate Change: By saying goodbye to fossil fuels, solar power significantly reduces greenhouse gases, mitigating climate change and its impact on future generations.
  • Sustainable Resources: Solar is a renewable resource, lessening our reliance on finite fossil fuels and ensuring a sustainable energy future for Melbourne’s industries.

  • Improved Public Health: Reduced emissions from solar power translate to cleaner air, lowering risks of heart disease, asthma, and other health issues linked to traditional energy sources.