Winter is Coming: Tips to maximise solar panels in winter in Melbourne

Winter is Coming: How to Maximise Solar Panels in Winter

As winter approaches, ensuring your solar panels are optimised for maximum efficiency becomes crucial, especially in a city like Melbourne where sunlight hours are limited during this season.

A common misconception is heat is required for solar panels to run efficiently – the cold weather won’t impact your panels. They use light from the sun, not the heat. Cool weather and clear skies are perfect for converting the sun into electricity.

Here are some essential tips to maximise solar panels in winter months:

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Cool weather and clear skies are perfect for converting the sun into electricity.

Ensure Optimal Panel Angle

One of the key factors in solar panel efficiency in winter is the angle at which they are installed. For Melbourne solar panel installation, experts recommend an angle of around 37 degrees facing true north. This position helps capture as much sunlight as possible, particularly during the shorter winter days.

Clear Shading

Before winter sets in, it’s essential to clear any shading that may affect your solar panels’ performance. Trim overhanging branches, and clear leaves, and remove debris that could cast shadows on your panels. This step is crucial as even small shadows can significantly reduce solar energy production.

Shift Energy Usage

To optimise energy usage, consider running major appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines during daylight hours when your panels are actively generating power. By staggering your usage, you can avoid overloading the system and make the most of the energy produced.

Consider Battery Storage

Melbourne’s winter days can be cloudy, which reduces solar output. Installing a solar battery can store excess energy generated during sunny days for use during nighttime or cloudy periods. This way, you can continue to power your home even when sunlight is scarce.

Check for Rebates

Explore available solar battery rebates offered by the Victorian government. These rebates can help offset the costs of installing a solar battery system, making it a more cost-effective investment for your home.

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