39kW Solar in Cranbourne – Melbourne City FC

SolarVista, a leading Melbourne commercial solar installer and provider of sustainable energy solutions, proudly completed the installation of a 39kW solar and battery storage project for Melbourne City FC’s elite training facility in Casey Fields.

Melbourne City FC’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond the pitch. By partnering with SolarVista, they have installed a state-of-the-art solar solution significantly reducing their reliance on the grid. The 39kW solar panel system generates clean, renewable energy to power the training facility. At the same time, the integrated Tesla battery ensures that stored solar energy is readily available, maximising self-consumption and reducing dependence on peak grid periods.

Date Completed 2024
System Size 39kW
Category Sport & Recreation
39kW solar in cranbourne Melbourne City FC soccer pitch solar panels on roof installed by SolarVista
39kW solar in cranbourne Melbourne City FC tesla powerwall battery installed by SolarVista

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